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RADICAL Texas dominated the forth round of the Series at Laguna Seca with one of their SR3 RSX 1500

Driven by Norways Theodor Olsen part of the companies Young driver program at 17 years old didnt make a single error in all three days
The Black and Gold / Gulf Racing fuels car almost had a 100% clean sweep but in race 2 while leading by 20 sec with 5 laps to go suffered a misfire due to an ignition coil pack terminal failure .
After being fastest in testing Friday and Qualifying on POLE BY OVER  HALF A SECOND Theodor drove a flawless 40 min race crossing the finish line 30 seconds ahead of 2 nd placed driver  Ethan Stone
Fastest lap in all 3 races was achieved by a clear margin
Race 2 again 40 min saw Olsen again take the lead from the line pulling out over 20 sec before the misfire started dropping him to 6th
Race 3  40 min duration with a mandatory pit stop of 2 min again saw the dominance of the Driver car combination with a pit stop at 20  min and a lead of 15 sec Theodor exited in 4th place but by the time all cars had pitted Radical Texas had a clear 30 second lead over Ethan Stone in second and over 50 seconds AHEAD of Championship leader Richard Thomas in 4th pace .
After the frustration of race 2 Theodor put this behind him and posted the fastest lap of the weekend at 1,27.4 ON LAP 5 which was a compliment to his maturity
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