Our Philosophy is driven by passion from within its owners.  Ian Dawson our COO is really the embodiment of this as you shall see from the pictures of the cars he has worked on and managed over his 6 decades of professional racing.

John C Pritzlaff III our CEO understands the edge as well as anyone as an Ex US Ski Team member.  John is a multiple business start up investor and his passion for motorsports has motivated him to enabled our sponsors, guests and junior development drivers to Xperience motorsports as close to what the professionals do through a fleet of Performance Race Cars.

Simon Dawson the VP of Business Development and Marketing has grown up in motorsports and played many sports growing up in England and America.  It was tennis where he gained a world ranking and was a top 25 player in England.  However the fuel of motorsport burnt inside and now works hard to bring the sport closer to all, especially in creating family friendly environments to inspire the future.

Radical Sportscars have been of huge interest to our race team for many years as the brand exemplifies the essence of motorsports to find ways to make it cost effective but not holding back the highest level of performance.


 Le Mans 24 hour in France is without doubt the worlds greatest sports car race, its the endurance classic. 

The original design for the Radical SR9 sports prototype was taken from computer model to a competitive race debut in less than 12 months and finished the grueling Le Mans race narrowly missing out on a podium finish in the final hours of the event. 

Since then as the regulations developed and various engine options were introduced to the class Ian Dawson continued to develop the chassis with the commercial backers to allow his team to enter into a test program with Roush Yates to install the all new Ford Eco Boost twin Turbo engine. 

In 2013 after on track test program the car was entered into the six hour Laguna Seca classic where the car witnessed the FIRST race start of the Eco Boost Engine and was rewarded with a strong FINISH again racing in a points position throughout the race proving that the continued aerodynamic and chassis upgrades paid off. 

The team then entered the winter tests in Sebring and Daytona in December ready for the following years entry. 

With the disappointing news of having no engine supply for 2014 the current program again had a delay so more aerodynamic upgrades and now an installation project of the Ford Eco Boost Engine which comes directly from the Radical RXC Coupe and modified to be fitted in the back of the SR9.

The car has now completed its initial track test and shows that progressive innovation has allowed the company to stay in a competitive position and offer the most radical Xperience in a Le Mans Prototype.  An SR9 rpe 3.0 Ltr V8 is in the pipeline.


Our Team are highly educated and motivated to do the best for our clients with a passion to experience motorsports at the highest level they can.