Club Radical Texas shall launch in August its membership for all to Xperience being more Radical

One of the most innovative marketing program we have put together to date built together with health and fitness club management industry leaders.

We shall offer multiple levels of membership to our prospects whether current Radical owners or not.

There is a membership for all to enjoy some of the most exciting Motorsports news and event in the world.

Call Radical Texas for more information or if you are ready to be a member click here



The Radical Simulation Brand is a fully equipped Radical SR8 chassis to which you shall drive in a climate controlled environment to learn the circuits and controls of a Radical Sportscar with iRacing the worlds premier motorsports racing simulation company. 

Radical Texas Race Team use this for training their Junior Development Drivers and prospect clients as well as preparation for theXperience on track in a real Radical Sportscar. 


Get closer to the action like you have never been before! theXperience give’s racing fans the opportunity of a life time, with VIP Xperiences that give the highest levels of access and luxury. From catered meals, limited edition merchandise to even riding in an actual Radical Sportscar.

The Circuits theXperience is currently based are:


Circuit Of The Americas is a multi-purpose facility that will host the most prestigious racing events in the world, including the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™. It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S.

The Radical Texas Xperience is offered on a few month in the calendar year.

The Radical Spyder V8 Xperience is very limited seat time but well worth the Xperience as seen from eh Evo Car of the Year Video above.


The MSR Houston in Angleton Texas just south of downtown Houston is where Radical Texas is based and is available upon request to run theXperience for prospects to Xperience the Radical Sportscar.

What does a Radical Xperience day look like:

You start with a meet and greet of the team and Radicals before learning the track.

Once you are familiar with MSR Houston we move to the controls in our Radical Simulator before getting into the Real Radical on a Real Track.

The first Sportscar is the Radical SR3 SL where we shall do passenger rides to familiars yourself with the track and lines before driving yourself.

After this Xperience you shall drive a Radical SR3 RS 1500cc.

Then if your blood is not pumping enough we shall take you for a few HOT laps in our Radical Spyder V8.

When you and all your guests have got this point of the day you shall have a 20min Kart race and the winner of this shall be able to drive the first Radical to win its class at Pikes Peak which was in 2014 with the Radical RXC V6.

Your day shall finish with a beverage and a gift from us in way of a cap and Shirt to remember your day.

We also capture the day with our goPro Cameras and smarty cameras in the cars as well as pictures taken outside the Radical.