If you need help fitting parts you can send you parts to us and drop your car off and we shall fit them ready for track/race use.

We have set up scales that can set any car up with balance and alignment to optimize performance and enjoyment on track.

We offer on and off track coaching to help with set up of your car, correct driving lines and general maintenance.

We offer fitness and nutritional training also to help you deal with extreme temperatures and long run times.

We have a passion for guiding future talents through the sport and working with them and their resources to realize the full potential.

A membership is for a client that will leave their race car with us to maintain and store.

Members have unlimited track time at MSR Houston and labour is covered in their monthly fees.

We have limited Storage for clients on a monthly rate.


The Radical Simulation Brand is a fully equipped Radical SR8 chassis to which you shall drive in a climate controlled environment to learn the circuits and controls of a Radical Sportscar with iRacing the worlds premier motorsports racing simulation company. 

Radical Texas Race Team use this for training their Junior Development Drivers and prospect clients as well as preparation for theXperience on track in a real Radical Sportscar. 


Get closer to the action like you have never been before! theXperience give’s racing fans the opportunity of a life time, with VIP Xperiences that give the highest levels of access.

The Circuits theXperience is currently based are:


Circuit Of The Americas is a multi-purpose facility that will host the most prestigious racing events in the world, including the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™. It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S.

We offer track support for clients to run on the track in numerous track day groups that book out the track.

The Radical Spyder V8 Xperience is very limited seat time but well worth the Xperience as seen from eh Evo Car of the Year Video above.

MSR HOUSTON - home of TheXperience

The MSR Houston in Angleton Texas just south of downtown Houston is where theXperience is based and available upon request to rental race cars.